A Blogger, A Baker, A Healthy Food Maker

BEE Bea-hold the Bee! 

Why the bee and the Bea? It’s a family tribute. The former is my brother’s drawing and the latter is my late grandmother whom I resemble more and more each day. She liked to bake too.

Hi I’m Kimberley, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), baker and vegetarian.
I’m also the founder and creator of Weal World Travel, the parent site of Weal Food.

(Weal World Travel is an online guide to healthy travel using fitness, fragrance & food. The food section grew so big and spawned this blog.)

Weal means wellness and my focus is on food that helps to achieve and maintain health, wellness and natural healing; in essence, Foods that Nurture & Nourish.

I established this site to share my:

  • knowledge of healthy eating
  • experience with recipe alchemy
  • insights about food

Weal Food will feature:

  • nutrition information
  • recipes adapted for health, accessibility and special dietary needs
  • musings about food and related issues

Our Food Philosophy
Food is many things: sustenance, celebration and comfort. It is a social lubricant, cultural artefact and emotional support. In short, food is life. It can impact the mind, body and emotions in a medicinal and therapeutic way and should be savoured (not saved), enjoyed and eaten in moderation.

We believe that a plant-based diet with the right proportion of slow carbs, quality protein, healthy fats and a balance of raw and cooked food is the ideal balance for health.

Holistic Nutrition
Holistic nutrition aims to address the health of the mind, body and spirit through food and the essential nutrients food provides. The focus is on tailoring eating plans to individual needs which is determined through a thorough consultation.

Health education, individual accountability and healthy lifestyle choices are the key components to success in holistic nutrition.

Food selection and preparation are important too. The ideal is to choose a whole foods plant-based diet.


14 responses

  1. Love the ethos of your site Kimberley and there are some very tasty looking things. I too have always wished to go to Ethiopia, the coffee ceremony sounds amazing. Popcorn is an interesting addition, like the movies but better! Happy days, lee

    • Hi Leroy,
      Thanks for your comments and compliments. Ethiopia is an intriguing place and the coffee ceremony is pretty cool. Popcorn is interesting for sure but it doesn’t come with butter!

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