Meatless Monday – Some timely links

It’s more than halfway through Black History Month so today’s post is themed on this occasion. Check out some links regarding vegans/vegetarians of African descent.

A family of vegetarians with a blog and YouTube channel:

Promoting Health Building Plant-based Nutrition for African-Americans:

A list of black Vegans:

Recipes, plant-based lifestyle  coaching and links to other black vegan stories and organizations:

Staying hydrated in winter

Besides hypothermia, dehydration can become a serious concern in the winter. It is often said in health articles that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. In cold weather, you may not realize that you are not getting enough fluids. Here are some tips to help you stay easily hydrated in the winter.

  • Drink hot chocolate! Use a combination of water and milk (dairy or non-dairy) along with cocoa powder and some natural sweetener.
  • Have soup on a regular basis. Not only does it constitute a meal but it can also provide extra water (ie broth) that you may not get normally in other types of meals.
  • Drink hot tea. If you’re concerned that the caffeine content will have a diuretic effect thus contributing to dehydration, then drink an herbal infusion or a lemon, ginger and honey concoction.

Meatless Monday – Snacks to go

This week: purposeful snack ideas for vegans on the go

When out and about and on the go, it’s challenging to always have access to healthy treats to stave off hunger. Here are just a few reasons you want to and some snack suggestions.

Post-workout: After working out, one needs to rehydrate and consume some carbs and protein to restore energy reserves and help repair and rebuild tissue. A drink of organic soy milk enriched with vitamins is ideal. 200mL (just under 1 cup) is a good size and a slightly sweetened one helps make it more palatable.

Daytime snack: Often by mid-afternoon our blood sugar dips which can cause us to become hungry and tired. Ensuring you drink water at regular intervals throughout the day helps with fatigue. A balanced snack helps normalize blood sugar levels. Include carbs for quick energy, protein for sustained energy and fibre for satiation. Trail mix is easy-to-make, portable and customizable to personal tastes. Nuts, baked chickpea or soybeans, whole grain crackers, unsweetened dried fruit and dark chocolate chips are great items to include.

Low sugar granola bars that contain nuts and seeds are also great to pack with you wherever you go. Happy and healthy vegan snacking!