I admit it. My guilty pleasure is watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. This program pits 4 professional cupcake makers against each other in a series of elimination challenges. There can be only 1 winner and the last one standing is it. The winner is awarded money and has their cupcakes and a custom-made display featured at some event taking place the evening the competition ends.

Like any good battle there is drama, some tears and plenty of moxie from each of the competitors who all believe that their creations will be the winning cupcakes. The host makes cheesy comments throughout the show making me wish he was the announcer for a show about the same (i.e. cheese)-and a show I wouldn’t watch.

The 3 judges consist of Candace Nelson, owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Florian Bellanger, chef and co-owner of MadMac, an online macaroon company, and a guest judge. They pick the winner based on taste, appearance and creativity of the cupcakes presented.

Though I would not use the food colouring and white carbs used in the cupcakes on the show I am inspired by their creativity. So inspired I decided to perform my recipe alchemy and come up with healthier and tasty recipes for cupcakes. Satisfied with my results so far and wanting to share them, I decided to start my own cupcake line entitled The Nude Cupcake. Here’s my 30 second commercial:

The Nude CupcakeIndulge Naturally!
Whole grain cupcakes without conventional icing.
Have your cake and eat it too!

Though still in the process of recipe development, I have 3 ‘healthy’ cupcakes I intend to sell seasonally and on special occasions with more to be added soon.

The reason behind the lack of conventional icing is also for health reasons. As much as I love a good buttercream icing on my cupcakes, it’s just not healthy. After following a standard recipe for buttercream I was shocked by the amount of butter used and the small yield it produced. I can only imagine the excessive amount of butter used in commercial bakeries where the buttercream icing is the star and the cake a mere carrier for it. As imaginative as some of the flavours are, the emphasis is on the icing and not the cake. For me the icing is the cake!

I like a tasty moist cake with only an accent of icing. And if I’m going to indulge I like to know there are healthier options to make those extra calories worthwhile. Hence, the Nude Cupcake.

Indulging occasionally is o.k. when combined with a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits.

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