DON’T PUT QUINOA…Part 2-Guelph

I went to the Stone Road store in downtown Guelph and I put dry tri-coloured quinoa into a brown paper bag. I thought the paper was a better choice than plastic. However, the bag doesn’t seal the same way and all I heard when I put the folded bag into my reusable shopping bag was a hissing sound. The quinoa had seeped out a seam in the bottom. In total I think I lost a large handful of loose quinoa which has taken several days to recover.

I also visited the Guelph Farmers’ market which runs Saturdays year round. The usual suspects were there that I remembered from years past. There was the donut lady with her homemade treats, the Middle eastern stand with their za’atar pizza that I love so much, the organic breads and pastries table along with various fruit and vegetable stands.

Generally the people selling are the ones who’ve grown the food, picked and harvested it. You can ask them questions about their produce and they are able to answer. The market is mostly cash only. This is unlike the Calgary Farmers’ Market where it’s really a glorified supermarket.
The sellers are hired by the large production farms to sell the food which is produced far away and shipped in. Often they are not very knowledgeable about what they are selling. And everyone has a debit/credit card machine.

Located just a little outside of downtown is a bakery called With the Grain. They became so popular they opened up another shop on the opposite corner of the same street. I indulged in the apricot and spelt scone as well as the day-old yet still very tasty currant and spelt scone. Bread choices changed depending on the day of the week so if you like your daily bread this is worth a visit.

And a food trip to Guelph wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Oudekirk & Taylor, a specialty food shop selling “Canadian Artisanal cheeses, hand-made bread and edible niceties.” Located in downtown Guelph and only a stone’s throw away from City Hall and the Farmers’ market this place is a slice of foodie paradise. I decided to try the whole wheat and stout bread, the ready-made West African peanut stew, carrot ginger soup, a multi-grain baguette and the sun-dried tomato goat cheddar-all locally produced. They were all delicious. The bread had a nice crust and chewy interior and there was no hint of beer in the stout bread. The stew had the right amount of spice with large chunks of juicy sweet fresh carrots and identifiable pieces of sweet potato while the soup was perfectly spiced and creamy. The cheese tasted lovely on the baguette. Mmm…I’m getting hungry just thinking about. I wonder if they are still open…


One thought on “DON’T PUT QUINOA…Part 2-Guelph

  1. I’ve mever heard of that place downtown and love different breads and especially cheeses. I’ve given up on slices, which are plastic and not very good plastic at that and as for the Kraft bars of cheese, well to me that isn’t real cheese. My taste buds are started to salivate with all you have learned and tasted. Where have I been all my life to miss out on all those goodies?

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