Don’t Put Quinoa…Part 3-On The Trail of Tiger’s Tail

I decided to renew my acquaintance with Tiger Tiger. This orange ice cream with black liquorice swirl was a childhood favourite of mine.  My first stop was at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Stone Road Mall-an odd place for a store with this name to be located.  The incongruous geographic location of Guelph (i.e. the fertile farmland and gently rolling hills of Wellington County in Southern Ontario) is in sharp contrast to the Rocky Mountains after which the store is named.

I had to convince the counter gal that I needed a children’s size. A regular adult scoop would have been way too much for me and my lactose intolerance. Good thing I made my request as the child’s size was big enough for a full-grown adult. The hair I found in the ice cream and the lack of wow in the flavour prevented me from scoffing down the whole lot. My stomach was glad.

As I spooned through the ice cream  I wondered “where’s the anise?” The faint black lines that were meant to be liquorice barely tasted of it and the orange flavour dominated causing an unequal balance in the flavours that I loved and craved so much.

I had to placate my desire to head down memory sugar lane so I headed off to the Nutty Chocolatier. This store located in downtown Guelph sold all manner of chocolate, sugar and sweets. They also sold ice cream-in particular Tiger Tiger. The thick black strokes in the orange base looked promising. I bought the smallest scoop I could and dug in. Yum! This was the taste of my childhood-the taste of liquorice with its hint of molasses and the sweet sherbety orange cream. Satisfied, I set off in search of other culinary adventures…


One thought on “Don’t Put Quinoa…Part 3-On The Trail of Tiger’s Tail

  1. Yes, have to come to Guelph to satify the sensation and downtown Guelph. I’ve lived her for 12 years now and downtown I seldom go but it is chock full of things as you have mentioned, some I heard of but most I had no idea. Guess have to stay out of the mall. But it is most interesting for you to tell me, who live her, what is happening in Guelph. Go figure. Loved the articles and the newsletter is chock full of stuff to read and digest, no pun intended, that is a favorite sentence of the day.

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