The 12 Days of Noel Nog-eggnog-flavoured soy milk

Noel Nog comes but once a year…
thanks to So Nice-makers of tasty soy milk beverages and “Canada’s largest organic soy beverage brand.”

While it is not the healthiest of soy drinks, this tasty treat is available for a limited time only starting in December and worth the once-a-year indulgence. I’ve never had real eggnog so I’ve nothing to compare this too though I’ve been informed by real eggnog drinkers that it does indeed smell like the real thing. Whether it tastes like the real thing, I have yet to find out.

As with most food I like to experiment and push the boundaries (conservatively with a health-conscious and vegetarian palate in mind) of traditional ingredient use. Here’s my top 12 list of incarnations with Noel Nog:

  1. Noel Nog cocktail-warm Noel Nog with good quality rum
  2. Noel Nog hot chocolate-good quality white chocolate melted (Valrhona is nice)  into hot Noel Nog-use a cinnamon stick to stir
  3. Noel Nog latte-rooibos tea with Noel Nog
  4. Noel Nog ganache-good quality white chocolate melted and mixed with Noel Nog-great for filled chocolates
  5. Noel Nog french toast-hearty whole grain bread soaked in a mixture of egg, Noel Nog, vanilla and a touch of nutmeg
  6. Noel Nog bread pudding-chunks of multigrain bread doused with Noel Nog and egg with a handful of cranberries and white chocolate chips mixed in for good measure (optional: add sugar into the mix as is done with traditional bread pudding)
  7. Noel Nog bread-sweet, cake-like bread made with Noel Nog-can be made into cupcakes though the top gets crusty-easily remedied with eggnog icing-see #12)
  8. Noel Nog shooters-dark chocolate cups filled with Noel Nog (and perhaps a spot of rum?)
  9. Noel Nog Ceilidh-Noel Nog and Irish Cream-drink hot or cold
  10. Noel Nog ice cream-more eggs with some sugar, cream, vanilla and Noel Nog of course
  11. Noel Nog cereal-Noel Nog poured on ancient grain cereal
  12. Noel Nog buttercream-Noel Nog used in a traditional buttercream icing-can be spread on cupcakes and used in sandwich cookies

And thus concludes the Noel Nog Nosh for 2011.


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