Food Encounters of the Abyssinian Kind-The Airport

With a long layover at London Heathrow I decided to pass the time by sampling the various vegetarian options on offer at Pret a Manger restaurant. Pret is a chain of stores that provide healthy food made fresh daily. They also have eco-friendly packaging. Here is a menu listing of what I had:

A ‘crusty old bag ‘was what I had. This half baguette was baked to baguette perfection. The white crusty loaf was soft inside with appropriate air pockets-a good sign of artisan bread making technique. It tasted even better with the real butter provided. White bread worth eating. Yum!

The deluxe Middle Eastern salad was a smorgasbord of colour and flavour. There was tabbouleh made with Israeli couscous-one of the few instances where Israel and the Middle East harmonize, delicious creamy humous with the occasional crunch of whole chick peas, a few roasted peppers-sweet and smoky, some salad greens, a smattering of julienned beets-not too sweet or juicy, a sprinkling of omega filled seeds and dijon dressing on the side. An excellent choice for a healthy, hearty yet light meal.

The fruit salad label promised mango, pomegranate seeds and blueberries and it delivered though there were more orange segments than mango chunks.  A nice light refreshing treat when finding fresh fruit on your holidays is like finding gold.

The falafel halloumi hot wrap is a mouthful to say and eat. It was a delicious wrap sandwich made fresh then kept warm and was oozing with sweet spicy flavours of the Middle East. Moroccan harissa paste meets Middle Eastern falafel in an explosion of flavour and held together by melted halloumi cheese. The creme fraiche brought it all together with aubergine i.e. eggplant joining the party with a roasted taste. All of this goodness came wrapped in a tortilla. The only shame was the bits of sandwich stuck to the wrapper because of the heat.

The Moroccan falafel and humous sandwich was  a cold offering subtly spiced and generously loaded with tomatoes and coriander. Oh yes there were pickles in there too. Yum!

The carrot juice tasted just like…well..carrot. It was refreshing and light with a hint of sweetness-an ideal choice for rehydration after air travel and supplying the body with precious antioxidants.

Blood orange juice was offered as a seasonal drink. With a colour like crimson grapefruit it tasted as fragrant as it smelled. Regular orange juice will never be the same again.

Stay tuned when I actually go to Ethiopia and sample the food there.


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