And Now Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Fasting Food
Would you like fries with that?
Photo: Bahar Dar, Ethiopia
Credit: Kimberley Johnson 2012 

still in progress…

For 250 days a year Orthodox Christian Ethiopians eat a vegetarian diet. The rest of the time they can be found eating some sort of animal flesh. During Lent, when I visited there was an endless supply of fasting food. Lent is a period of time when no dairy, eggs and animal flesh are consumed. Sugar is also avoided and moderation is key.

Lent is an ideal time for vegetarians to travel to Ethiopia. 

The above platter contains an assortment of various incarnations of vegetables and lentils. The bread ‘injera’ serves as both plate and cutlery.

Fasting Food is healthy, filling and spicy.

DIY Recipe in progress…


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