In the pig the 3 major religions of the world unite. People who follow Islam and Judaism are forbidden from eating pork and in Christian belief, the pig represents one of the deadly sins signaling the Apocalypse: gluttony.

Popular use of this term simply means eating or drinking to excess.  Those who eat too much are called pigs and the obese are considered greedy and sometimes unclean-all characteristics associated with the pig.

Here in Hogtown i.e. Toronto (yet another pig reference) there is an endless supply of sugar and fat for consumption. Eating far too much of this may earn you the title of glutton. Yet people continue to indulge in the things which they have been told are not good for them: ice cream, fatty burgers, oily fries, cupcakes with more icing than cake and the list goes on.

From a health perspective, moderation, the antithesis of gluttony, is key. While not nutritionally ideal, the occasional indulgence in a sugary treat is forgivable when otherwise consuming a healthy diet.  The world won’t come to an end if you do.


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