The ice cream making process lives on! My first 2 attempts at making ice cream in a hot and humid climate ended up in a soupy mess; edible but not visually and texturally how it should be. After searching for possible clues such as wrong equipment, fridge, recipe I determined that temperature was likely the factor. So I turned my freezer up to the highest setting and hoped for third time lucky. And this time it worked. I now have a cool and refreshing batch of green tea and white chocolate ice cream doing its final setting in the freezer. This experience has made me realize a few things for making good ice cream. Make sure:

Your equipment is cold enough. Crank that freezer up.

There is no salt in the recipe (salt breaks down ice and therefore disturbs the freezing process).

Find a good recipe and practice, practice, practice. Practice makes for good ice cream.

It’s not about having the most expensive equipment. It’s about understanding a little bit of food chemistry and applying it to the art of preparing food.


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