You never know…

These are the latest creations from my kitchen. One is a chocolate chip cookie recipe made with whole grain flour, reduced fat and applesauce. The other is a black onyx and dutch process cocoa powder cookie with anise flavouring , topped with a white chocolate and orange scented ganache. The pansy on top is edible.

I just read a book review of a vegan raw food cookbook. In it the author states that mistakes are crucial for culinary success. He said something along the lines of a chocolate cake made well the first time tastes good but a chocolate cake made well after several attempts tastes even better.

These pictures and the taste of theses products will attest to the fact that mistakes are key ingredients for creativity in my kitchen. The chocolate chip cookie was supposed to be the ultimate in traditional chocolate chip cookies. However, the dreaded cookie spread took over and the promising balls of cookie dough oozed in the oven and conjoined. With a little imagination and some chocolate baking chips I was able to turn one of the blobs into a koala bear. Makes for a nice gift to feed a small crowd or one hungry person.

The anise onyx cookie with orange ganache was supposed to be my version of an oreo sandwich cookie. Again oozing dough in the oven made me decide to press half the dough into paper cups then fill them with the ganache. An impulse purchase of edible flowers provided the “ooh-ahh” garnish.

The moral of the story is…make the most of your mistakes in the kitchen. Sometimes they turn out to be the keepers. Click here to see more tasty mistakes that became popular: Tasty Mistakes.


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