Trade In

I was walking down the street one day, as you do, and I saw endless cups of Tim Horton’s go by. In spite of the research, the warnings and the near hysteria surrounding excess sugar and fat in the diet, people still continue to covet their double-doubles and timbits. It is possible to still indulge while cutting calories and fat. Here’s a ‘healthier’ substitute for the ubiquitous morning coffee and donut:

Bambu & Crepe

Bambu is an all natural caffeine-free coffee substitute based on a Swiss recipe. This beverage in instant form contains chicory, rye, barley, fig and acorns and looks and smells very similar to java. If you must sweeten and cream the drink, try using agave nectar and some soy creamer.

Crepes are basically thin pancakes. A sprinkling of cinnamon and brown sugar  across the diameter of a crepe which is then rolled up like an enchilada will give you the illusion of eating something deliciously unhealthy.


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