Cupcake Wars is Back!

This t.v. show featuring competitive cupcake bakers vying to win money and fame is back on the box. I admit it’s my guilty pleasure. However, there is something redeeming about cupcakes.

They are a small-sized sweet indulgence. Standard cupcake recipes can also be somewhat forgiving should you wish to substitute refined ingredients with unrefined. I find a combination of spelt and whole wheat pastry flour works best along with fair trade cane sugar and/or brown muscavado depending on the persuasion of the cake flavour. And soy milk behaves well in the baking process. No one would guess that you didn’t use dairy!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean deprivation. In an otherwise healthy and well-balanced diet there is room for the occasional indulgence. A cupcake is an ideal size when you have a hankering for something naughty and nice. An often quoted rule is the 80/20 rule. When eighty per cent of your diet is healthy it allows for twenty per cent indulgence. Moderation is key for our philosophy of Foods that Nurture (the feel good factor of eating cupcakes 20% of the time) and Nourish (eating healthy 80% of the time).


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