From Hockey to Havarti

The transformation of a historic hockey arena into a commercial food hall has turned Maple Leaf Gardens on Carlton street in Toronto into a Loblaws location. This chain of grocery stores is located all across Canada under the guise of Loblaws, The Great Canadian Superstore, Zehrs and a host of other names.

The only silver to see the inside of this building since the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in 1967 are the stainless steel freezer units. This location turns grocery shopping into a destination and brings edible ethnic icons to the world. Let your eyes climb the cheese wall, peruse the macaroons and colourful cupcakes in the glass showcase and be transported to gluten heaven at the Ace Bakery section. The produce area is like a trip around the world with feijoa, sugar cane and taro sharing the space with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions while the rest of the store carries standard grocery store fare for all types of diets.

Food goes beyond just being sustenance here. The Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws manages to embody culture and a sense of festiveness in the usually pedestrian activity of grocery shopping.


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