Vegetarian 101

What is a Vegetarian? Is it simply a person who doesn’t eat meat? or someone who only eats certain types of meat? Is a person who regularly chows down on poultry and seafood but balks at the idea of eating fido or some other house pet still considered a vegetarian of sorts?
Vegetarianism covers a range of plant-based eating choices and has roughly 5 main categories:
Someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet but will still eat meat on occasion.
Someone who eats a plant-based diet but will also eat fish, usually for health reasons.
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
Someone who includes dairy and eggs in a plant-based diet. Sub categories would be lacto-vegetarian (dairy only, no eggs) or ovo-vegetarian (eggs but no dairy)
Generally someone who follows a plant based diet and does not eat meat of any kind.

Someone who eats a plant-based diet exclusively that is completely devoid of animal flesh and any animal product or its derivative (i.e. honey, gelatin, gravy, rennet etc.). Vegans don’t use non-edible animal products (e.g. leather shoes/clothing) either.

Now having said all that, many people will move across the vegetarian spectrum and within categories there can be as many variations as people. This list is by no means comprehensive and serves merely as a primer for those uninitiated into the ways of vegetarianism.


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