Shop like a European

From what I understand Europeans shop, on average, every few days for fresh produce and other edible items. Food is rarely wasted or spoiled and leftovers virtually an anomaly. Today I felt very European as this was the third trip to the market this week to get fresh produce and other edible items.

Today’s destination was St. Lawrence Market. This downtown Toronto market was established in 1803 and is rated in the top 10 Food Markets by National Geographic.

To see listing, click here.

The Market is open Tuesdays-Saturdays and features a variety of organic goods, specialty items (edible and non-edible), produce, bakery/patisserie treats and various animal flesh. I am rather partial to the organic produce stall in the basement which carries reasonably priced and attractive fare. A few stores down is Aren’t We Sweet which sells bulk Valrhona and Callebaut baking chocolate along with other chocolate confections. Across the way and down the aisle is a small health food store with a wide variety of items and an atmosphere more grass-roots than Whole Foods. For nostalgia I usually walk past the New Zealand shop and peruse the paua before making a beeline (pun intended) for Honey World where an assortment of medicinal honey (mostly from New Zealand) is sold.

Walking  to the market after work with my empty bag and walking out of the market my bag heavy with goodies made me feel a little European. I know I will have fresh food that will get eaten while still fresh. The lack of spoilage saves me money in the long run.

Vegetarians beware!
If you walk through the main doors off of Front Street and down the centre aisle your senses will be assaulted with all manner of animal flesh. Just keep walking and the horror will pass.


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