Eat Your Greens

When the body is stressed it becomes acidic. This can lead to inflammation and loss of calcium.

Inflammation is implicated in many diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and cancer and can have a negative impact on bodily tissue.

Calcium is an alkaline substance that helps balance acidity in the body. If not found in adequate quantities in the blood it may be leached from your bone. (Remember Tums? It contains alkaline calcium which helps to combat the acidity of heartburn.) The body aims to maintain homeostasis and a balance of acid/alkalinity helps the body maintain an ideal pH level.

Foods to consume:
fruits and vegetables (especially the green ones e.g. kale, swiss chard, broccoli) preferably fresh; some nuts, grains and legumes

Foods to avoid:
processed and refined foods; meat; dairy


Stress is a normal part of life and an ideal pH balance an important component in optimum health. Do your body a favour and eat your greens!


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