Grey Cup is here, the ultimate prize in the CFL (Canadian Football League). My nod to this annual sporting event is vegan gingerbread cookies dressed up to look like footballs.

Food is celebration and featured at most life events and occasions. What would a football game be without a tailgate party and all the food that goes with it? And what would my kitchen be without an edible nod to this event?

Below are pictures of my hand shaped vegan gingerbread football cookies. The recipe calls them cut-out but they were far too moist for that. During shaping they took on the appearance of footballs, lips and lemons but with a little white chocolate they resembled what they were intended to be.
Recipe from Vegan Cookies by Terry Hope Romero.

Slideshow: The making of a football cookie. In order shown,

  1. Cookies are shaped and ready to be baked. Looking like footballs already.
  2. After being baked the appearance is less than football-like (the dreaded cookie spread!)
  3. Cookies with their white chocolate make-up on.
  4. Making use of leftovers. I had some lemon filling which I combined with the remainder of the gingerbread dough. Lemon and ginger-yum!

5 thoughts on “Touchdown

  1. Great blog! I had no idea you were a vegeterian or Registered Holistic Nutritionist – very cool! Have a great time at the game today!

      1. No hockey here that I am aware of. I am going to check out a professional basketball game soon. Too bad the Grey Cup was not a close game. I think it would be hard to be a vegeterian in Turkey – lots of meat dishes.

      2. Hey Angie,
        Yes I guess basketball is more popular in Turkey than hockey-as is olive oil wrestling but that’s another story! I was expecting the Grey Cup to be a closer game too. All over now and soon to be forgotten. I was in Turkey and I managed to find enough to eat although there are lots of meat dishes. But does baklava count as a well-balanced meal? Hope it’s still going well over there for you.

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