Poutine Post

There was a chill in the air-a day that begged for greasy carbs. I chose to spend this week’s 20% on a traditional veggie poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie. It was a poutine kind of day.

In the health and fitness world, there is an oft-quoted 80/20 rule (though 90/10 is a better ratio). It simply means you should consume a well-balanced diet 80% of the time and indulge no more than 20%. To keep track it’s better to envision a calendar week. Basically eat healthy 5 days a week and have one cheat day and one cheat night preferably on the weekend when you have more time to work it off.

Poutine was my go-to food for my cheat Sunday. (See post for brief synopsis on poutine.)

I had Smoke’s on my bucket list of food establishments to try. They offer 3 veggie poutine options made with vegetarian gravy: traditional, nacho and veggie deluxe. The cheese curds used hail from the Eastern townships of Quebec, known for their good quality cheese.
A good cheese curd is meant to squeak. These cheese curds definitely squeaked and I have to say I’m not a big fan of squeaky cheese. According to the website they should sound like “…2 balloons making out…” and that they certainly did when I chomped down on each one of them. I found this to be a little disturbing. I also wondered if the primarily recently post-pubescent staff took care to separate the veggie gravy and non-veggie gravy. I found a few bits in the bottom of my box that looked suspiciously like meat. I was hoping these were just pieces of mushroom.

Overall the poutine hit the spot-just the right amount of potatoes, salt and fat for my 20%.


2 thoughts on “Poutine Post

  1. I read this based on the title–anything that starts with the word ‘poutine’ has to be good. I’m not disappointed, and I learned something. Squeaky cheese curds, who’d’a known :>)

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