Meatless Monday – Vegetarian Cookbooks

How can you prepare a meatless meal without a recipe? And where do you get vegetarian recipes? Vegetarian cookbooks of course. Despite the availability of recipes on the internet there is nothing like having a cookbook of your own-a tangible, visually appealing reference to the ongoing preparation of  life-sustaining sustenance. This week’s Meatless Monday feature is on a holiday gift idea suitable for anyone: vegetarian cookbooks.

Nowadays there are numerous vegetarian and vegan cookbooks on the market. So where do you start and which ones do you choose? The following 2 lists will help you decide. The first being some features that make for a good cookbook and the second list containing some of my go-to vegetarian cookbooks.

What makes for a good cookbook?

  • Pictures for a start. Juicy, mouth-watering food porn pictures.
  • A well-tested recipe with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Books that teach and inform. This means they give ingredient information, a description of tools required and a basic culinary skills primer.
  • Recipes give tips on what food should smell, feel and look like during various stages of preparation.
  • Books that offer alternatives and/or substitutions if you are unable to find or eat all ingredients given in recipe.

Whether you are on the vegetarian spectrum or of the carnivorous persuasion you will be able to make good use of these books.

  • The Moosewood Cookbook series. Moosewood is a restaurant and a vegetarian business entity while author Mollie Katzen is considered by the New York Times to be “one of the best-selling cookbook authors of all time.” ( My favourite title is The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. These cookbooks feature various recipes from appetizers to dessert (sorry no pictures) and are written with a humourous friendly tone. See link for more titles.
  • Laurel’s Kitchen This book first made its debut when hippies were invented. Currently there is a revised book on the market. I like the easy to follow recipes that contain on average no more than 10 ingredients. Very accessible to the experienced and inexperienced cook. The banana bread and peanut butter cookie pages in my book are marked with a paste of brown sugar, honey and spelt flour.
  • The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook Here is a great picture book with great recipes!
  • Vegetarian and Vegan cookbooks by Toronto based publisher Robert Rose. Pictures, recipes and information galore. Some titles include: The Vegetarian Slow Cooker; The Vegetarian Cook’s Bible; The Vegan Cook’s Bible.
  • The Fresh cookbooks from Toronto vegetarian restaurant Fresh. The great thing (apart from the pictures, creative food combinations and healthy recipes) is that you can go to Fresh restaurant (if you’re in Toronto) and see and taste what the food should be like.
  • And the final suggestion goes to something completely different. A vegetarian recipe calendar: The World in Your Kitchen. This is put out by New Internationalist – “People, ideas and action for global justice” who also publish vegetarian cookbooks The World in Your Kitchen and The Global Vegetarian Kitchen.

It’s not just us! Meatless Monday is a movement. Check out this link:


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