To Be or Not to Be…

…organic that is. One of the sweet treats available for the holiday season is candy cane. These coloured cane-shaped boiled sweets, or J-shaped if upside down, have been around for years and are iconic of a commercial Christmas. This is one purchase worth the splurge on the organic and natural version.

Commercial candy canes are an orgy of refined sugar, artificial colours (some known carcinogens like tartrazine and titanium dioxide) and ‘natural’ flavours (if peppermint oil is used the ingredient list will specify this. ‘Natural’ flavour often suggests an impure concoction of the real thing.)

Sugar, in moderation, is o.k. when eaten amongst a healthy well-balanced diet. Peppermint as an herb, tea and essential oil is beneficial as a digestive aid. When consumed before a meal it helps to stimulate appetite and when taken after it helps support the digestive process and ease the bloating of a belly that’s been overstuffed.

So during a time of indulgence and festivity, a candy cane makes perfect sense. If you are going to have a candy cane, may I suggest an organic natural version that uses peppermint oil (as opposed to ‘natural’ flavour) and less refined sweeteners such as brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice. There are many companies out there that produce natural organic candy canes. The following link is a good place to start:


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