Hello and Welcome to ‘Being Mollie’

Awhile back I wrote a Meatless Monday feature entitled Being Mollie. Well now, I’ve added a category to my blog called Being Mollie. Here I will chronicle my adventures of cooking from the Moosewood Cookbooks. The inaugural post for this topic is a list of recipes I have made with great success:

From the Enchanted Broccoli Forest:

  • Pureed Vegetable Dip. This is a crowd pleaser for both the vegetarian/vegan and non-vegetarian/vegan. Great as a dip or spread for sandwiches and crackers.

From the Moosewood Cookbook:

  • Pound Cake-the lemon variation. I baked this for a confirmation cake and it received rave reviews. Maybe the fondant and pink princess glitter with edible pearls that covered it had something to do with this. The cake was moist and not too sweet. The top, however, got a little crusty. Will consult my bakers’ guidebook to find out why.
  • Cauliflower Cheese Soup. This is my winter go-to favourite. Very easy and quick to prepare and delicious! I’ve experimented with this recipe many times and have used Daiya, a vegan ‘cheese’ product, goat cheese and raw milk cheese from Quebec. All versions work well. For the milk portion, I only use soy milk as it seems to hold together the best.

Stay tuned in the new year (only a few days away!) when I regularly cook and blog about Moosewood recipes.

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