We Are Living in a Meatarial World…

…but I’m not a meatarial girl. Some food for thought.

Culinary schools, restaurants, and t.v. shows would suggest our society is meat-centric. The general attitude of people towards what constitutes a substantial meal would also suggest the same thing. Animals and their by-products are used in just about every dish: flesh for protein; bones for soup stock; fat for sauces; and other by-products as components of salads, alcohol and desserts. With the time and money spent on training ‘top chefs’ why hasn’t there been a focus on teaching budding chefs to make tasty and nutritious plant-based dishes? Protein is required in our daily diet; meat is merely an option. Though people do enjoy tasty, creative and substantial vegetarian/vegan meals it still leaves them wondering “where’s the beef?

Will there ever be professional culinary schools for aspiring vegetarian/vegan chefs (several not just one)? Michelin star vegetarian/vegan restaurants? a Top Vegetarian/Vegan Chef program on the Food Network?

If a vegan found a bug on their freshly picked organically grown vegetables would they still eat it (after cleaning it off of course)? I wondered this as I peeled away stalks of celery from its base and found specks of dirt and a fly.
Flies are part of the animal kingdom; vegans do not consume animals. Therefore, would produce that has been tainted with bugs (due to no pesticides to dissuade them) be considered no longer vegan…?

Living in a Mmmaterial world…Shanghai’s World of Chocolate Wonderland.


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