Adventures in Chocolate – Don’t Walk Away

Another chocolate confections class, another dessert with gelatin. I think this class should be called Gelatin Confections.

A confection is “A piece of candy or sweetmeat; also a sweet dish…”*

Basically a confection is a copious amount of heated sugar with flavourings added. Tonight in the Lindt-sponsored baking school kitchen hazelnut marshmallows were whipped (not vegan!) into shape without a speck of chocolate in them. I am now more than ever inspired to break out my vegan marshmallow recipe to show them who’s boss. Eat my icing sugar dust gelatin marshmallows!

The other recipe was a concoction of tempered chocolate spread over a cherry ganache languishing on a bed of rolled marzipan kneaded with chopped cherries. It was then baptized in a vat of melted milk chocolate before being pulled out with a dipping fork and placed carefully on a parchment lined sheet pan to set. I tasted this confection in its various stages: naked, dressed and barely set, dressed and cooled off. It was delicious every time! I found it to be a nice mix of tart cherry, sweet milk chocolate, nutty marzipan and mildly bitter dark chocolate. However, my final product had feet!

In chocolatier parlance, a foot is the chocolate puddle that oozes out from the bottom of dipped chocolate. As it extends past the defined boundary of the chocolate piece, thus distorting its shape, it is considered unattractive, undesirable and unbecoming for a professional chocolate. At least they didn’t walk away.

*Herbst, S. T., & Herbst R. (2007) Food Lover’s Companion. Happauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Series.


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