MO in TO

Another Macaron Day has come and gone and so have the complimentary macarons I scored.

March 20th was Macaron Day – a day established in 2008 by Pierre Herme. It is now recognized in various locations around the world: Paris (“but of course” – said with French accent); New York; and Toronto to name a few.

So what happens on Macaron Day? Well that depends on the city and the bakery. In Toronto, the corresponding website listed participating bakeries with map link so you could plan out your day.  Once in the shop, you were supposed to use the code phrase “I’m celebrating macaron day” at which point you would receive a free macaron (from a limited supply of the free stuff – ‘the early bird gets the free macaron‘). A percentage of proceeds from any macarons purchased would be donated to a chosen charity. Sounds like a win/win situation to me; customers and charities both benefit and the macaron and the shops who provide them get a little time in the limelight.

My MO (modus operandi) was to hit up 3 shops. Judging from the comments made after the event it was clear that my efforts were overwhelmingly under-ambitious. Some people managed to make it to more shops to the tune of 16 macarons obtained! My route was Petite Huet on King Street, then Moroco in Yorkville and finally Frangipane on Dupont street. Petite Huet was a disappointment. A small flock of people blocked the entrance and once I squeezed past the crowd and gave my code phrase was told that the free macaron comes with purchase only! I had reservations about going to the ‘suet Huet’ in the first place as the chef behind this restaurant is heavy on meat products.

While I support the idea of proceeds of sales going to charity I didn’t appreciate their interpretation of ‘free’. It seemed the attitude I experienced  that day was more to do with a business strategy than a charitable spirit. So off I was to Moroco where I received a free pistachio macaron with a smile. I also purchased extra macarons plus a chocolate Easter bunny. Last stop was Frangipane where once again I was greeted with friendly service, a smile and a free macaron. I even got to choose from a variety of flavours. I opted for the passionfruit for which I have a penchant. I also bought more macarons.

Now that I have experienced Macaron Day I shall be back next year with a more comprehensive game plan. Who knows-perhaps I will be one of the participating providers…

A cookie confection made with egg whites, ground almonds and sugar. Two of these cookies encase a flavoured buttercream filling and typically are vibrantly coloured. I like to call this the French sandwich cookie (Oreo who?). A crisp exterior and chewy interior are reminiscent of pavlova but the layers of air that form during baking lightens the cookie.

Perhaps there are still links on this page? Check this out for news related to Macaron Day:
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O.k. how do you rotate this photo?
O.k. how do you rotate this photo?

2 thoughts on “MO in TO

  1. How I love a macaron, stuffed with buttercream! Jeez, too good. Great to find you here, Im enjoying looking around. Thanks for stopping by the Beach House, hope to see you again soon. Peace, lee

    1. Ah yes-some of the guilty pleasures of life i.e. buttercream and macarons. Thanks for looking around-I did the same at your site. The ‘Beach House’ is a place where I will be making many return visits!

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