Meatless Monday – Back Off! Get Your Own Thermal Gravy Boat

The vegetarian/vegan kitchen. What is it? Who has one? Is it really that different? Well I do and this week’s Meatless Monday is a brief tour of a meat-free kitchen.

Vegetarians/vegans living together or alone probably already have one but for those with a meat-eating house guest, be they permanent or temporary, may have to vegetarianize their cooking space.

  • A separate fridge/freezer is ideal. Who wants meat mixing with your food? If you must share a fridge make sure the meat is well wrapped to prevent odours and juices from migrating to other items and contaminating them.
  • Have dedicated utensils, dishes and cookware that are for vegetarian/vegan products only. Sometimes meat can stain these items. For the ‘kosher’ amongst us it’s nice to know that the tools that hold and prepare our food have not touched meat.
  • If cooking alongside a meat eater frying their food make sure there is a screen to cover any splatter from searing flesh.

Useful things to have:

  • blender: for smoothies and other healthy beverages. Drink your produce!
  • food processor: for dips, spreads and preparing a variety of cuts to vegetables.
  • a variety of spices: flavour is key in cooking, especially vegetarian/vegan food. Spices helps to ensure you don’t get too crazy with the salt to season your food.
  • a herb garden: sizes to match an apartment or house. How cool do you feel when you snip off some fresh basil or parsley to adorn and season your food?!
  • a good chef’s knife and vegetable cleaver: Let’s face it, vegetables require chopping-lots of it. A good quality knife makes the work easier and quicker. For hearty vegetables like pumpkin a cleaver comes in handy.
  • a compost pail: All those vegetable peels and discarded fruit bits still have a purpose. Save them for soups or use for compost – yours or someone else’s.

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