Pass Over the Chocolate – It’s Hot in Here and it’s Making Me Cross

Passover, Easter and food. Spring has sprung and the holiday week has begun. As has the baking. First up, a taste of chocolate:

Belgian chocolate and Easter

In spite of being a self-proclaimed aficionado in gourmet artisan chocolate I am not above the occasional Cadbury Easter cream egg during Easter time. This concoction of sugar, sugar and more sugar with some food colouring thrown in (along with some cocoa product of course) is not the chocolate of which studies speak when they cite the health benefits of chocolate.  The Cadbury Easter cream egg is one of my guilty pleasures. Eaten in moderation and in the presence of otherwise healthy eating habits a few cream eggs won’t hurt. However, here are some of my tips should you too wish to indulge in this unnaturally coloured Easter treat:

  • Buy only 1 small bag of the mini Easter cream eggs. The same gooey sweet treat but smaller which means less of the bad stuff in one (or two or three) small bites. In this case SIZE DOES MATTER!
  • Have an apple after eating the egg to help clean your teeth and temper the sugar content.
  • Eat your greens! Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house. Use this time of year to eat more baby greens. This will also help to ‘speed up’ the journey of the egg through your digestive tract.

Stay tuned for the other food referenced in my title…


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