Meatless Monday – Not All About Me Anymore: The Origins of Meatless Monday

This day actually began amongst carnivores for different reasons than are intended today by vegetarians. Last week was all about me and how I became vegetarian. This week’s Meatless Monday is all about how this day became vegetarian.

During wartime, when food is scarce, rationing is a popular approach to divert resources in aid of the ‘war effort’. In both of the World wars, Americans were encouraged by the U.S. Food Administration to cut meat out of their diet for at least one day a week. Like any good campaign, a catchy slogan helps breed compliance hence the title ‘Meatless Monday‘. (Apparently there was a ‘Wheatless Wednesday‘ too, which, to my knowledge has yet to gain the same popularity as Meatless Mondays.)

Nowadays Meatless Monday has been adopted by all manner of vegetarians. Do a search, ask around and you shall find a plethora of recipe ideas and health benefits for going meatless at the start of a typical work week. The ‘war’ this time is on slaughterhouses, unethical farming practices and ill health. Whether you are full-on vegetarian/vegan, thinking about it or just toying with the idea of reducing your meat consumption, Meatless Monday has something for everyone.

While we’re at it we could make a phrase and reason to be vegetarian everyday.
Meatless Monday
T? Tuesday
Wheatless Wednesday
T? Thursday
Fruity Friday
Smoothie Saturday
Soy Sunday

I’m stuck on the T-days. Can anyone help a vegetarian out?

Useful links:

Meatless Monday history

Meat Free Mondays


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