Where’s Udo?

Where oh where have my Bija chocolates gone? I have been lamenting the loss of these bars from the shelves of my favourite health food haunts. Bija chocolate bars are made with *Udo’s oil and have always accompanied me on my travels to distant lands where essential fatty acids are not always free-flowing.

*Udo’s oil is a blend of the Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids.

As with any favourite foodstuff that seems to go out of circulation (why is that you get hooked on a great product then it disappears) I decided to do  DIY (do-it-yourself) them.  If you won’t sell it (be damned) then I’ll make it myself! The oils used in the Udo’s blend (flaxseed is one of them) are not recommended for heating (they turn rancid) so I would use the oils to make a raw chocolate truffle. What can be better than an antioxidant rich chocolate treat? It’s food for the body and soul.

And in the spirit of making unusual chocolates I am also working on unlikely pairings of the following:

  • dark chocolate with blue cheese
  • dark chocolate with marmite
  • dark chocolate with black olive

Stay tuned…

And if there are any Bija chocolate sightings out there, let me know…


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