Meatless Monday – A Stampede of Soy

During Calgary Stampede breakfast is on the house.
The Calgary Stampede has some companies and organizations serving up free pancake breakfasts throughout the duration of this annual festival. All you have to do is get up real early and line-up with a hoard of hungry people. But vegetarians/vegans BEware. The only non-meat item on the menu are pancakes and they are often cooked on the same griddle as the bacon and sausage. With animal fat contaminating these pancakes the only thing suitable for consumption is juice and perhaps a shot of syrup.

For this week’s Meatless Monday I would like to share some recipe ideas I learned in my Tofu & Meat Substitutes Cooking Class. All are made with some form of soy product (i.e. milk, curd, fermented) and they are all vegan.

Equipment required: blender
Products: soy milk, tempeh and silken tofu

French Toast
Day-old sliced bread is ideal for this. The recipe calls for a mixture of soy milk, silken tofu, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar. All of this gets blended to make a ‘paste’. The bread is dipped both sides so the ‘paste’ adheres to it. No soaking required. For extra oil and taste, fry in a pan. For oil-free, bake in the oven on parchment paper. When it turns a golden brown and is slightly crisp on both sides, it is done. Dress as you would French toast.

Eggless Omelette
More blending and more soy. This recipe calls for soy milk, silken tofu, flour, turmeric and kala namak salt (adds sulphuric i.e. eggy quality to the taste). Heat oil in pan and spread out a thin disc of this mixture. When edges firm up, flip in half and continue baking until done. It won’t taste like real omelette nor have the same texture but it is tasty. Dress with vegan cheese or vegetables as desired.

Steel cut oats or regular-whatever your pleasure. Cook with water and a little salt. Add the blended soy cream, a concoction of soy milk, sugar, silken tofu and cinnamon. Continue cooking until desired consistency. Get creative and add dried fruit and nuts when adding the cream.

Tempeh ‘bacon’
You can buy ready-made blocks of tempeh from a natural food store or Asian market. Once again employ your blender to emulsify some oil, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, liquid smoke and powders of onion and garlic. Cut the tempeh into strips and let soak in this mixture for a few hours or overnight.

If you’re curious about the exact recipes, wait for my cookbook to come out! Or google recipe ideas.
If you’re curious about the taste wait for my vegetarian bed n’ breakfast to be established. Or try making it yourself at home.

A special mention goes to Butternut squash pancakes. These are are also vegan and the recipe can be found in the Vegan Desserts cookbook. There is a special appearance by tahini in this recipe so make sure you have some on hand before making.


3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday – A Stampede of Soy

  1. Stampede is the bringing together of every worst food in the world (and mostly deep fried)! It is tough to eat vegan down at the stampede grounds too…..
    I have been to a few free breakfasts and had coffee as there is nothing else to eat. I love your breakfast ideas.

    1. So true! I think there’s an unofficial competition to try and outdo the worst foods on offer. Glad you liked the ideas. Let me know if you put any into action.

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