Meatless Monday – A la Mode

We have deemed the food of the month to be frozen desserts. Now that July is well underway and bringing much heat and humidity with it frozen desserts sound very enticing. I can’t wait to break into my Vegan Desserts a la Mode cookbook.
Author Hannah Kaminsky has put together a delicious book full of food porn photos and fabulous ideas for frozen vegan desserts. With ingredients such as pomegranate, chai, popcorn, corn, curry and beets, the combinations are creative and can be customized to the level of sweetness desired. In addition to classic frozen dessert styles (gelato; ‘ice cream’; sorbet and semi-freddo) there are recipes for frozen dessert accoutrements i.e. cookies; cones; sauces; graham crackers; sprinkles. There’s even a recipe for ‘pupsicles’ for your 4-legged friends (though I believe dogs will eat anything whether intended for them or not.)

So what has all this got to do with Meatless Monday? Well vegetarians/vegans like dessert too but let it be known that many recipes employ the use of animal parts to set frozen desserts (namely eggs, milk and gelatin). The former two are not an issue for the lacto-ovo vegetarian while the latter is an issue for both the vegetarian and vegan.

Gelatin has been used to stabilize the airy-fairy mousse and has also been caught hiding out in ‘low-fat’ yoghurt products. Ice cream is traditionally a custard made of egg yolks, milk and sugar.
There are always options for us non-meat eating folk. Agar performs the same function in mousse that gelatin does. Starch (arrowroot or corn) is a common stand-in to approximate the function of eggs in ice cream. And of course there is a plethora of non-animal milk from which to choose to replace animal dairy. Coconut and/or soy seem to produce the most reliable and consistent results.

I look forward to delving into the recipes in Vegan Desserts a la Mode and then diving into the resulting ‘fruits of my labour‘. Frozen desserts: not just for the carnivore anymore.

Kiwifruit Frozen Yoghurt
Ideal for the lacto-vegetarian, this natural homemade frozen yoghurt only has 4 ingredients: organic New Zealand kiwifruit; New Zealand honey; Tahitian vanilla; and sheep’s milk yoghurt. The dairy and honey can easily be substituted by vegan yoghurt and granulated sugar respectively.

Frozen kiwifruit yoghurt. Photo by Kimberley (c)2013.
Frozen kiwifruit yoghurt. Photo by Kimberley (c)2013.

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