Sweet As…Chocolate

Flight of the kiwi bumblebees. Photo by Kimberley (c)2013
Flight of the kiwi bumblebees.
Photo by Kimberley (c)2013

Sweet as” Manuka honey from New Zealand enrobed in Callebaut milk chocolate.
It’s the Bea’s Knees

I have a strange relationship with chocolate. There are times when I love it, can do without it, get frustrated by it, am intrigued with it and get giddy when I come across artisan chocolate shops. It’s a bit like a human relationship really; with all its ups and downs you still have a heart-felt connection to it.

Now that chocolate season is upon us, I bring to you my Chocolate Report. Here’s what’s going on in the world with me and chocolate:

  • This year I’m going Swiss. I now have 7.5 kg of Lindt chocolate (milk, dark and white) in my possession and have already started on my seasonal/holiday baking. (Results pictured). And speaking of baking…
  • I still refuse to temper my chocolate properly. I just heat it until melted, brush into molds and put directly in the fridge. It still looks and tastes good and without the fuss of thermometre watching.
  • So the chocolate vegan mousse finally came together! I was a little worried when the agar agar didn’t do it’s thing as quickly as it had the first time I made a vegetarian mousse. This time I used a vegan whipping cream (basically a concoction of nuts, coconut milk and a whole lotta’ sugar) instead of dairy whipping cream along with a sugar syrup, vanilla and some salt. My coaxing, whipping and folding couldn’t persuade the agar to set up so I left the whole mixture to sulk in the fridge. After returning home from my vegetarian cooking class, I found that the mixture did indeed firm up appropriately. Thanks to the cool fall weather, the mousse held its shape when left temporarily at room temperature.
  • And I have taken a day off from work so I can attend the annual Toronto Chocolate Show. The half price ticket I managed to score from Buytopia means I can only enter after 3 pm so will miss the chance to get a free grab bag of goodies. I’m sure I can find other things worth buying and eating.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to cap my chocolate pumpkins with spiked & spiced pumpkin filling. Thus concludes this edition of the Chocolate Report.


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