FrankenFood – A Hallowe’en Fright

Ghosts, goblins, and GMOs, oh my.

Hallowe’en is here and so are GMOs. GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms”.

  • I was able to attend the March against Monsanto rally in Toronto where people were peacefully protesting the use of GMOS and the absence of laws requiring foods with GMOs to be clearly labeled.
    GMOs are scientifically engineered to make certain plants herbicide and pesticide resistant. The effects of growing and ingesting these types of crops is dubious at best. In Canada, the worst offending foods are corn, soy, sugar beets and canola. If using any of these products, make sure it is certified organic and non-GMO.  More info:

Non-GMO Project

David Suzuki and Understanding GMOs

Hallowe’en is here and so are the colours of fall: yellow, orange and red on the leaves and in Hallowe’en treats.

  • Any brightly coloured food is usually achieved through the use of food dyes. Some are natural (e.g. beta carotene, beet) but others are not. Be aware of tartrazine and the FD & C colours. They have been implicated in a number of health problems. Candy corn is not your friend!

Hallowe’en is here and so are vampires.

  • Used to ward off vampires, garlic can also help ward off colds, cancer and cardiac problems. Check out the article in Medical News Today on The Benefits of Garlic.

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