Meatless Monday – World Vegan Month

It is November and my World Vegan Month is not off to a good start. Ironically I had chosen towards the end of October to revisit the consumption of eggs and vegetarian cheese. And a pending cold has meant that my honey consumption has gone up too. But the month is young and there’s still time to go back to a vegan diet, which I have been following for the most part for quite some time (except for the occasional lapse into the world of milk chocolate and honey). This edition of Meatless Monday cites how it all began:

  • Origin of the word
    The word ‘vegan’ was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson. He truncated the middle of the word vegetarian, removing the ‘etari’ leaving the word vegan to describe him and his fellow non-dairy vegetarians.
  • What it means
    The word vegan refers to a diet and lifestyle that excludes animal products (i.e. food and clothing). It is characterized by a love of animals and the environment and aims for a world that is devoid of animal cruelty and environmental damage.
  • Surprisingly non-vegan items:
    marshmallows, certain wines and beer, some maple syrup (lard has been used to reduce foaming), white chocolate (not a real chocolate because it does not contain cocoa solids but it does contain milk) and refined white sugar (often processed using bone char)

My pledge is to go completely vegan (and yes that includes my sugar of choice) before the end of the month. With a wealth of well-tested recipes and vegan dining options available this shouldn’t be a difficult undertaking. I will just have to put the honey on hold until December.

World Vegan Month

The Vegan Society

HappyCow: Famous Vegans (from our friends at HappyCow)

12 Seemingly Vegan & Vegetarian Foods that Really Aren’t

Vegan Sweeteners Article (“Grassroots Veganism – Ask Jo”)



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