The 12 Days of Christmas: Pomegranate

I remember every year at Christmas pomegranates would be available and I would get one as a treat, along with a box of chocolate Turtles.

The pomegranate is part of ancient lore but has only recently come into its own for being a ‘super food’. Besides its natural form it is also available in powdered form, as a syrup and dried (i.e. the arils or seeds). It is most noted for its antioxidant content and beneficial effects on heart health and cholesterol levels.

For this holiday season, consider adding pomegranate syrup where you would usually use cranberry juice.
Pomegranate and cranberry sauce for your vegetarian feast?
A festive drink of mulled pomegranate and apple juice?
Fruitcake with dried pomegranate arils and/or pomegranate liqueur? But heed the warning and Beware the Arils.

Pomegranates on WebMD


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