I Would Like the Thank the Academy…

First of all some bread (more about this later…):


Secondly, someone who “loves food and lives to eat” just nominated me for a Liebster Award. This award is intended to give recognition and  exposure to new bloggers with few followers (less than 200 seems to be current number). The rules are from blogger Lorraine Marie Reguly and are as follows:


1. Post the award on your blog. Check √

2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog. Thanks Darin from misadventuresdaringescape.wordpress.com You now have 3 nominations!

3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.

  • I was in the Calgary Stampede Parade.
  • I ate octopus long before becoming vegetarian.
  • I have travelled to 35 countries.
  • I wear reading glasses.
  • I like New Zealand rugby.
  • I used to play floor hockey.
  • Beans are my favourite vegan source of protein.
  • I’m an ASL/English Interpreter.
  • I have lived in 3 Canadian provinces and visited all 10.
  • I used to be a professional belly dancer.
  • My dream car is a Toyota Landcruiser 40J series, manual transmission.

4. Nominate 10 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers. And the nominees are…

5. Answer 10 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 10 questions.

1. Why do you write?
I write for self-expression, therapy and to be heard.


2. How often do you read books? And if so, what are you reading now?
I’m aiming for everyday but currently I read weekly. I’m working on 2 books: The Fellowship of the Ring and Margaret Atwood’s Madd Addam.


3. What are you trying to accomplish with your blog?
Exposure to the business I am trying to build as well as self-discipline in my writing practice.


4. What kind of education do you have? Formal? Informal?
Both-formal as in school (secondary and post-sec) and informal (life of ‘hard knocks’ and travel).


5. How do you make your money?
Mostly interpreting with some fitness instruction on the side.


6. Where is some place (anywhere, anytime, fiction, non-ficition) you would love to go and experience?
Hmm…more of the Middle East.


7. Do you practice any religion, philosophy, etc? What is it and why?
Buddhism as a philosophy rather than a religion. What I understand and have experienced of it really resonates with me.


8. What are three values/qualities in people you admire?
Integrity, humility and compassionate.


9. Do you have a favorite color? If so, what is it?
Purple-a mixture of 2 of my favourite colours (red and blue) and it was the colour of the smokestack at the hospital where I was born.


10. If you could do anything you wanted for a day, what would you do?
To be honest, I already do it. I would just do more.

Attention nominee…My 10 questions for you:

  1. What is the one place in the world you feel most at home? Why?
  2. Do you like travel? Why/why not?
  3. What are 3 experiences that have had a profound effect on who you are now?
  4. Why do you blog?
  5. What is your family ancestry? (at least 5 generations back)
  6. If you won $1million on the Amazing Race, how would you use it?
  7. Are you living the life you want? If not, what are you doing about it?
  8. What are 3 things your soul cannot live without?
  9. Who would you invite to your ‘last supper’?
  10. Do you feel the technological age has helped or hindered the evolution of humankind?


3 thoughts on “I Would Like the Thank the Academy…

  1. Hi! I am leaving this comment because I would like for you to update your Liebster Award post with the correct link. I am going to be deleting my old site (Lorraine Reguly’s Life) and so would really appreciate it if you could update your post with a link to Wording Well. This is my new site, and because I have moved my “old” post to my “new” site, you will be left with a broken link if you don’t change it. I don’t want this to happen! Besides, http://wordingwell.com/the-liebster-award-the-official-rules-my-first-blog-award-and-a-few-personal-secrets-revealed/ is still the same post it always was, but the domain name has changed. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me. The internet is forever – or at least until we change things, so, please, can you change this for me? (Thanks!)

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