This Time I Won’t Let the Kale Die

Happy I was to get some organic Lacinto kale at the market. I was full of ideas and ambition to turn this forest-green bunch of leaves into a nutritious and hearty meal. A life busy with work and other commitments intervened and disappointed I was a week later when the leaves had withered and turned a pale yellow. Lacinto kale adventure, take two…

This time it would be different. I used up some kale within a day of purchase and the rest I washed, spun-dry and put into a freezer-safe bag to be used at a later date.

When living in northern climes good quality fresh produce is hard to come by in the winter. Though some may balk at frozen food, it is a viable option for getting your greens year-round. Leafy greens (e.g. spinach, kale, collard greens, chard) are full of vitamins and minerals and it is recommended that one eat them daily. In the summer or in tropical climes this is not a problem. Produce in season lasts longer but greens in winter, especially ones that are affordably priced and maintain their nutritional value, are much harder to come by.

When you see greens at a reasonable price looking all fresh n’ sassy in the refrigerated section of your preferred grocery store, snatch them up. Eat within 1 day of purchase or do as I did and save some for later. Alternatively you can buy already prepared organic frozen greens. Nutritionally speaking, this is sometimes a better option for off-season greens. If you are lucky enough to have a green thumb and access to an indoor greenhouse, you can always grow your own. Winter needn’t be a season of greens depravity.

Uses for frozen greens:
*Make them the focal point of a warming winter soup.
*Make smoothies. Just purée with some fruit, vegetables and water.
*Steam and toss in some raw vegetables. Drizzle lightly with a vinaigrette i.e. oil, vinegar (or some other acid like lemon juice), and seasonings.

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