I Love Me Some Vegan Bacon

There is a different kind of March Madness in the air and it doesn’t have anything to do with basketball. Here at Weal Food, March is Maple Syrup month. Here is a maple syrup moment:

Vegan Bacon
*equal parts maple syrup, coconut aminos, grapeseed oil and water
a sprinkle of paprika
crushed garlic clove
a drop of liquid smoke
**1 package of tempeh

*1/8 cup for a half package or 1/4 cup for a full package
**package size is 250g and makes approximately 20 strips

Combine everything (except tempeh) and whisk together until oil permeates the other ingredients. Slice tempeh into strips and let bathe in liquid mix for 1-12 hours. Fry as you would ‘real’ bacon; drain on paper towel. Serve warm.

Serving ideas:
Roast brussel sprouts with pieces of maple ‘bacon’
Tomato slices, avocado and vegan mayo with maple ‘bacon’ on baguette bread
Spinach, mushroom and maple ‘bacon’ with a mustard vinaigrette
Cupcake with maple icing and maple ‘bacon’


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