Easy Peasy Lemon Mapley

Another maple syrup moment for the month of March. This is an easy one. It is a drink that involves a spice, a sour fruit and a sap.

According to the doctor I recently saw for my annual check-up, many Canadians are chronically dehydrated. In short, they are not consistently taking in enough water to replace that which is used. The obvious solution is to drink more water. Adding a little flavouring can make it more palatable thus encouraging people to drink more than they would normally.

Here is my maple concoction that offers a nice balance of digestive-enhancing ginger, cleansing lemon and natural sweetener maple.

Maple Drink
2 cups/250 mL water
1 Tablespoon of maple syrup
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
ginger (1 drop essential oil OR a sliver of fresh ginger)

More information…
Dehydration article from the Body and Health section on http://www.canada.com


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