Meatless Monday – Happy Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

March 24th is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.

Who knew there would be a day to celebrate chocolate covered raisins?! For the chocoholics among us, any excuse to celebrate chocolate is welcome. For the raisin lovers amongst us, this one’s for you. For this Meatless Monday, we give a shout out to the often over-looked (at least in the mainstream) sub-set of vegetarianism: fruitarian.

As the name suggests fruitarians eat a diet that is mainly fruit. Vegetables, some nuts and seeds and juice are also consumed. Key words to describe a fruitarian’s diet are raw, alkaline* and whole. Processed food, animal products and grains are avoided. Supplementation is considered  if deemed necessary (e.g. spices for a health-giving property) but basically fruitarians eat “the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.” It is a diet much more easily followed in an area with access to an abundant variety of fruit. (I guess Santa and his elves won’t be converting anytime soon; not much fruit to be had at the North Pole.)

The question on this chocolate covered raisin day is: would a fruitarian eat a naturally derived raisin (organic grapes left in the sun to shrivel into an überley sweet chewiness) covered in the pulp of a cacao seed?

*Acidic diets have been implicated in disease of the body and inflammation of its tissues. Alkaline diets are considered healthier; most vegetarian diets are alkaline but more about this another time…

Here are some links that are far more articulate about and detailed in their description of the fruitarian diet than I.

Fruitarian Info


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