Meatless Monday – The Accidental Vegetarian

The Monday before the 25th of every May is Victoria Day in Canada. It is a national holiday and the intent is to recognize the birthdays of Queen Victoria and the reigning monarch*. Victoria Day also falls on Meatless Monday.

During the Victorian era the industrial revolution helped to create a great divide between the rich and the poor. People of the wealthy classes feasted on several courses and much meat. The poor, on the other hand could not afford such lavish dining and so only ate meat a few times a week. One might project that they were ahead of their time by being flexitarian (someone who follows a mainly vegetarian diet but does occasionally eat meat).

It was necessity rather than choice that made many a meatless meal for the destitute of the time. Ironically, today it is mostly by choice that people go meatless. Here are just some budget-friendly advantages to consider for consuming a plant-based protein diet:

  • It’s cheaper than buying animal protein.
  • It has a longer shelf life (dried legumes, nuts/seeds, soy) and can be bought in bulk and stored.
  • Agriculturally, plant-based protein is more economical to produce than raising animals for food.


Happy Victoria Day!


*Canada was a former British colony and is now a constitutional monarchy. This makes the official head of state in Canada, the current Queen of England.


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