Did Someone Say Free Dougnuts?

 Apparently the  first Friday of every June  is National Doughnut Day. This year (2014) that date was June 6, 2014. After all my years as an occasional doughnut eater, I had no idea this day existed.

This day is a bona fide day of recognition as it has been around since 1938. The Sally Ann (that’s colloquial speak for Salvation Army) gave doughnuts to soldiers during World War 1. Nowadays doughnuts are given away free in the States on this occassion. There’s no reason, however, why you can’t celebrate wherever you are by buying  yourself a doughnut or two or three…

When indulging in a deep-fried treat, an occasional doughnut won’t break the bank of BMI.* Another option is to make them yourself . Yeasted or not, a cake doughnut baked in the oven retains moisture and taste without needing to be deep-fried. Doughnuts with spice are quite nice too. Reduce the sugar and increase the other flavours  (cinnamon, coconut, lemon…) to give you the sensation of eating something sinful without all the extra calories.

*Body Mass Index – a measure of body fat relating to weight and height.


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