Meatless Monday – Fair’s Fair

The T&T Night Market was a bad idea. Dead animals on a stick and a foul smell that permeated the scene greeted me as I walked up to the no admission charge gate.  And speaking of smells…what was with the smelly tofu advertised by so many vendors? According to the lady at one of the stalls it is tofu made with blue cheese. And then there were the Taiwanese smelly fries. I chose not to inquire what those were all about.

Summer time means festivals and fairs and many of these are food based. However, the typical options available for vegetarians/vegans is limited to exotic drinks and desserts. Who wants to walk around in a sugar stupor the whole time? This week’s Meatless Monday brings you a link put together by the dedicated team at VeggieFocus, a website featuring vegetarian restaurants and recipes.

The Top Ten Vegetarian/Vegan Food Festivals Around the World

If you do end up at a food festival that is not vegetarian/vegan friendly, here are some tips to help you survive nutritionally:

  • Eating before you go is always a good suggestion. Have dinner and then just plan to eat dessert at the festival. (That’s probably all you’ll get anyways.)
  • Bring bite-size snacks of nutritious foods for those hunger pangs that aren’t satisfied with simply sugar. (A handful of almonds and whole-grain crackers will help tide you over until you can get more substantial food.)
  • Fruit is a better option than baked goods. The fiber in fruit helps to slow down digestion so you don’t get the same blood sugar spike that refined sugar elicits.
  • Negotiate. Some stalls are set up assembly line style so you can request your food be made meat-free. (“A burger please and hold the meat.“)




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