Meatless Monday – A Continental Divide

I’ll make this quick – I’m on the road in a thunderstorm and the wi-fi could go at any minute! (Oh the excitement of blogging on the road).

A few nights ago I stayed in a university dorm. It is an option for budget accommodation during summer travels. Students are away and the university still needs to make money. For the low price of $42.71 per night I got a private room with shared bath and a full continental breakfast was included too at no extra charge. This week’s Meatless Monday looks at typical offerings for the vegetarian/vegan.

A continental breakfast is usually a light fare of pastries, juice and coffee/tea. Hotels often expand into a full continental and offer an assortment of meat, cereal, bread and fruit along with beverages, breads and pastries.

For the health-conscious plant eater the pickings can be slim. If you are vegetarian you can load up on the eggs, French toast and pancakes or have some cereal with milk or yoghurt. The vegan is usually relegated to fruit, oatmeal and toast. If you want cereal bring your own milk and if you’re going for the breads and pastries, take note that they are usually made with refined flour and contain unnecessary quantities of sugar. Oh yes, many of them are also made with dairy and/or eggs.

This got me thinking about the vegetarian/vegan bed and breakfast that I would like to open some day. On my menu, I would offer:

  • Steel-cut oats, not too watery, served with sliced banana and a bit of brown sugar
  • Whole grain bread (freshly made by me of course!) and a selection of fruit spreads (less sugary than jam) and an assortment of nut/seed butters
  • An egg station for the vegetarians: French toast, scrambled, poached, omelette
  • A fruit salad bar with in season fruit
  • Reduced fat and naturally sweetened muffins
  • Juice, fair-trade coffee and tea (black and herbal)
  • Granola served with your choice of almond or rice milk

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and should include all of the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) along with fibre. This combination will set you up with sustained energy and a stable blood sugar level as you start your busy day of touring.






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