Meatless Monday – What a Tangled Web

…we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Clearly meat is not vegan but so many other products aren’t vegetarian and/or vegan either. Some may surprise, others may not. This week’s Meatless Monday looks at things that may shock the meat-eater or flexitarian about certain food items.

White sugar
“Cream butter and bone char sugar together, then sift in the dry ingredients.”  Wait a second, the only cows in cakes should be the butter. White sugar gets that way through refining and cow bones have assisted with this process. See Is Your Sugar Vegan? on the Vegetarian Resource Group website.

The low-fat or zero fat ones tend to be the worst culprits. Once fat is removed from a product it is replaced with something else and in the case of yoghurt, that is usually gelatin.

Apparently animal parts may have been lurking in the production of this often high sodium vegetable drink. See what the Food Babe has to say about V8 and ‘natural flavouring’.

And on that note, many soups use animal stock (often chicken) as the base for their vegetable soups. Food Babe also did some investigation into Campbell’s soups.

Drinking alcohol
Animal products have been used to refine wine, beer and spirits. See our original post and check out Barnivore, an online directory of vegan alcohol.

Rennet is an animal-derived enzyme used to make cheese. There is vegetable rennet, however, (I still have no idea what that is) and some vegetarian cheeses employ the use of a microbial enzyme.

One of the advantages of being vegetarian/vegan is that you really get to know where your food comes from and get to learn what’s really in processed foods. The food labeling laws in North America, or lack thereof, keep many in the dark about what ingredients are used in food products. Us plant eaters may just be the modern-day version of the whistle blowers of the commercial food industry.



3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday – What a Tangled Web

  1. Okay am glad am not vegan and neither do I go for the reduced fat stuff. I just eat less of what I want. Thanks for educating me, however,r and have a wonderful week!

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