Spice Series – Lively Up Your Shelf

Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh, Ginger…Baker?

I never thought I would be a spice girl but I am in my element when utilizing any number of spices in both cooking and baking.

Spices have had a long and fascinating history. They have been at the heart of trade routes, empire building and wars. Spices are the dried parts of plants (except the leaves) used to flavour, season and preserve food. Besides their culinary use, spices also have medicinal properties and a number of studies are being published on the beneficial effects of spices on health.

Turmeric, the vibrant yellow spice used in curry powder and mustard, is touted for its anti-inflammatory property amongst others.

Throughout the year spices are all around us – pumpkin pie in the fall, gingerbread in the winter and carrot cake in the spring. It is in our meals, desserts and drinks. In the Weal Food spirit, spices do nurture and nourish. Our new series entitled Lively Up Your Shelf* will look at the uses, history and health benefits of spices.

Bob strikes again! Many a Bob Marley tune has inspired my culinary creations including the title of this series. Check out Bob singing the original tune “Lively Up Yourself”.


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