Meatless Monday – Not Just for Mondays Anymore

Mark your calendars! World Vegetarian Day is coming October 1st and it ushers in vegetarian awareness month. We begin the awareness early for this Meatless Monday post.

Recent advisories and predictions suggest that everyday will be meatless if current trends continue.

A population explosion and demand for meat and dairy has scientists, government advisers and the UN encouraging people to adopt a vegetarian diet. Meat and dairy production are resource extensive using copious amounts of land and water. Climate change and the many mouths to feed around the world seems to suggest that this type of food production is unsustainable. In order to proactively prevent food shortages experts have proposed a vegetarian diet with a prediction that the world’s people will be vegetarian by the year 2050.*

Proponents of a vegetarian/vegan diet have cited sustainable plant-based farming as one of the many benefits of going meat-free. Even doing so part of the time (let’s say the first day of the conventional work week i.e. Monday) will help alleviate some of the pressure on natural resources used for agriculture. Looks like Meatless Monday is here to stay.


From The Guardian online:

From the Huffington Post online:


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