It’s Official!

It is October 1st World Vegetarian Day and the official launch of vegetarian awareness month. We will have periodic posts in the following weeks on all thing vegetarian. In the meantime, here are some things you can start doing now to mark this occasion:

  • Go meatless every Monday in October
  • Issue a veg challenge for yourself or others. Take a pledge to go meat-free for a few days, a few weeks or the entire month
  • Dine at a veg restaurant.
  • Host or participate in a vegetarian potluck.
  • Watch a documentary film that promotes a vegetarian diet.
    e.g. Food Inc, The Ghosts in Our Machines, The China Study, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, A Cow at My Table

 Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci, creator of the Mona Lisa, used to buy caged animals at the market just to set them free.

September 26th was Hug a Vegan Day. Did you?

Vegetarian documentary film list (from a Google Search)
World Vegetarian Day
International Vegetarian Union


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