No Time No Problem

Vegetarian awareness month is about educating the non-vegetarians and the newly meatless on just what a vegetarian diet is all about-beyond the hype and the rumours. One misconception is that being vegetarian is a lot of work. While some planning is required to ensure a balanced diet (true also for non-vegetarian diets), preparing a healthy vegetarian meal need not be an arduous task. There are a number of familiar meals that are naturally vegetarian:

  • mac and cheese
  • hummus and pita
  • beans and rice
  • pizza
  • lasagna
  • spaghetti and tomato sauce

The cheese in these can be substituted with a non-dairy alternative to make the meal vegan. Adding a generous amount of vegetables can up the nutritional ante of these meals while the combination of a grain and legume make for a complete protein.

Plant-based protein is well-known for being incomplete i.e. a single source does not usually contain the full complement of nine essential amino acids.

The internet abounds with quick and easy vegetarian recipes and many companies are now offering pre-made meatless meals. Though high in sodium (average of 20% per serving), Amy’s Kitchen has a line of delicious and well-thought out frozen meals.

Whether you have the time or inclination, vegetarian meals can be right at your finger-lickin’ tips.



2 thoughts on “No Time No Problem

  1. Vegetarian awareness month is more important now than ever because now we know that many products that claim to be vegetarian aren’t pure vegetarian.

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