My Chocolate Weekend

Saturday it was popcorn and chocolate and Sunday it was the annual Chocolate Show. There was also some wine that pairs with chocolate and a trip to Soma Chocolatier included in my adventures. I had the chocolate weekend supreme.

I was fortunate to have been graciously given a VIP ticket so I ended up attending the Chocolate Show this year although I had already declared that I wasn’t going to go. With the promise of a loot bag and sampling tickets (all included with the ticket hence the VIP status), how could I resist? I was primed and ready having had an appetizer the day before watching the film Chocolat with Juilette Binoche and Johnny Depp for the fifth, sixth time? (I’ve lost track.)

Then it was off to the annual Chocolate Show on Sunday. I was less than impressed the previous years that I went but a free ticket and loot bag suggested it would be worth it. The usual vendors were there selling their wares and the snake oil types peddling “the best, most innovative product” all in the hopes of taking home some serious change. I got my usual chocolate skull by chocolate artist Laura Slack (skulls and chocolate are an irresistible combination for me) and watched the resident chocolate artist in the process of creating a master-cacao piece.

It turned out the loot bag was anti-climatic: candle holders now destined for the Goodwill donation bin, some chemically laden chocolates that look pretty but are full of the FD and C carcinogenic food dyes and a decent looking Swiss milk chocolate bar which I would like to gift to my dad (if you’re reading this dad, pretend to be surprised when you get it.)

The sampling tickets turned out to be the best part of the show. I was able to get a few chocolate truffles with somewhat unusual flavour combinations: passion fruit; rose and pistachio; tonka; gingerbread; cranberry cinnamon and a falafel bite finished with a white chocolate drizzle. It was ‘interesting’ but in a good way. I think I would need to eat several more of them to be able to articulate the flavours. It was simply delicious and a little unusual.

Please sir, can I have some more?

After being carded (I should have been more flattered than offended but I did say thank-you to security for thinking I looked under 25) I went upstairs to the chocolate and wine pairing section; my first time ever as I always skipped this part of the show before. A representative from Southbrook winery in Southern Ontario generously let me try some raspberry wine for free and I was so impressed that I went to the alcohol shop right after I left the show and bought 2 bottles of their organic vegan wines: a Riesling and the Framboise.

And so the show for me ended on a fermented note and I used the last bit of chocolate enthusiasm I had to check out Soma to see what was new. Nothing. The cocoa dust has settled on yet another chocolate adventure and I’m sure there will be many more. Stay tuned for my next tempered encounter with the food of the Gods…

The opportunity to do the 2014 Chocolate Show report was generously donated by my aunt Carol.



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